Folasade "Fola" Scott (aka "Ms. Fola")

"A Missionary to Hearts"


Folasade "Fola" Scott is the founder and lead minister of Violent Faith Ministries International, Inc. (VFM). The ministry was birthed through her own experiences with brokenness, healing, and awakening of her authentic identity through an ever-growing intimate relationship with Father God through Jesus Christ. She can empathize with those who are afraid and confused about who they are and what their purpose is, as "Who am I? What do I do now?" were two questions to God that began her process of dis-covering (uncovering) her identity and purpose at 20 years old; the fear, the anger, the unforgiveness, the confusion of her sexuality and worth, her hopes and desires... ALL of her life...she brought  to the arms of her Creator who had all the answers.  

Fola has been coined  "a missionary to hearts", as she has dedicated her life to partnering with God in helping others to experience the freedom and relationship with Him that she knows by experience is possible. As an educator, poet, visual artist, and entrepreneur, she uses every gift and skill to demonstrate and encourage others in developing and exercising "violent faith" (non-passive determination to seize all) to live the abundant life that Jesus Christ gives mankind the power to live as Kingdom citizens. For the past 12 years, she has served as a minister/missionary through teaching/preaching, prayer ministry, mentoring, and counseling in pulpits, homes, schools, and through media (radio, TV, social) — inside and outside the U.S. God has enabled her to live among and impact the lives of people of various generations, cultures, socio-economic statuses, professions, and life experiences. Now 38 years old, each day she is in awe of the inexhaustible adventure and amazingness of God through His creation. She continually learns how we all need God the same, how our differences are our strengths, and how we are all interconnected and interdependent.

Teachers that have impacted Fola's life and ministry work include her mother, Anana Scott, Dr. Myles Munroe, Joyce Meyer, Derek Prince, John & Paula Sandford (Elijah House Ministries), and many more. Fola currently resides in North Carolina where she is a member of Awake Church in Winston-Salem and serves as a prayer minister and leader of the life group she calls "Awaken. Activate. Shine.". 

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