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This ministry offers a Bible-based introductory seminar, mentoring program, and leadership training program that covers five core facets of identity: Spiritual Identity, Sexual Identity, Individual Identity, Cultural Identity, and Corporate Identity. Interested individuals or groups are welcomed to experience each facet of the ministry (seminar, mentoring, leadership training). Participants are invited into close self-refection and a commitment to a process of healing and development in all areas of living, especially those that the Church often does not address.  It is time to SHINE without hindrance and be ONE in His Image!

*Along with Scripture, resources include scientific and historical evidence, cultural awareness and artistic expression, and life experiences. 

Genesis 1:26-28


Prayer Ministry, Healing Retreats, & Pastoral Counseling

Services are provided to those who are followers of Christ (or ready to commit to this new life) who desire address wounds of the heart, restore balance within their lives (including in relationships), mature in faith and relationship with God, and live in authentic freedom in their God-breathed Identity. Surely, all is a process, and God provides support through every step. We are here to help with the walk. The Holy Bible and other Bible-based resources are utilized in ministry. Services are available to individuals, couples, and families/groups. FREEDOM AWAITS YOU, AND YOUR FAMILY.

Ministers will travel to locations as needed.

NOTE: This ministry does not claim to diagnose or treat any illness or condition. Ministry received is by choice and agreement of the participant(s). Miracles may happen, while participants engage in their personal process of strategic application of prayer, counsel, and Bible study.

Psalm 107:20



NC, GA, Cali, NY, Jamaica, Haiti, Brazil, your house... VFM travels to communities, cities, states, countries - anywhere people are - to provide encouragement, prayer ministry, and life development services. Along with the ministries aforementioned on this website, we also partner with coaches, educators, and business professionals to provide workshops and opportunities for holistic life development and inspiration. 


Let's explore the adventure of what we are able to accomplish through developing in our identity, authority, and oneness in Christ. Be it passion, profession, culture, or experience, all creation awaits our manifestation! 

Romans 8:19

Compensation for Services, Workshops, Events, & Missions: Do we charge?

VFM is a 501 (c) (3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. Considering the costs and needs for operating, and depending on the service, program, resource, or event, there may be a solid fee or a suggested donation amount. All donations are tax-deductible. No matter the cost - be it monetary or just a commitment to "show up" - always remember that you are investing in your development and that of others, and there will be a great return.

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Your prayerful support and contributions help us to continually reach far and serve without hindrance. Your generous donation is always welcomed and appreciated. All donations are tax deductible. VFM thanks you.

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